Dear readers,
hello there, what’s up?
Want to know who are the real writers?
This is our introducing (:

Because of a TIK task @our lovely school, SMAN1 Cilacap, we created this blog for task, and hopefully we can also use it to express our mind and our soul. Our team are divided into 4 cute girls, and 2 handsome boys. Wanna know more about us?
1.) Annisa Nur R (XA/2) a funny girl with her unique voice.
2.) Ervina Dyah P (XA/8) a pretty girl who has good confidence.
3.) Marieta P. Regina (XA/15)a friendly girl who has deep voice.
4.) Muh. Idham Rafiqi (XA/19) a Palembang boy, who has unique attitude and a volleyball athlete.
5.) Muh. Lutfi Kurniawan (XA/20) a shy guy, who has other name, “larepa” 😀
6.) Pupy Noor D (XA/28) a sweety girl who has unique hair 😀

that’s such little thing about us. Just wait for our post, and enjoy it. Hope you enjoy your time and absolutely yourself (;